Andre Montefusco - Metaphysical Infinite Space

If i have learnt anything in life this would be to never criticize anyone else's work unless compelled by the good sense to do so, and by way of means, after having criticized someone else's work, establish the facts that relate to the true nature of reality. Thus, with regards to a theory, a theory should further our existence, and enhance our experience. Proving Einstein wrong involved re-framing the very nature of space-time itself with a factual description of reality. You hold within your hands a comprehensive study of cosmology weaving through psychological dynamics achieved through the realms of philosophy which systematically dismantles the mathematical foundations of both special and general relativity.

   "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no else can see"

Arthur Schopenhauer

Quoted by - Dr Pilar Lopez - Leza, Psychiatrist

         (Metaphysical Infinite Space) Author - Andre Montefusco